Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Introduction/Mission Statement

I’ll try and be as to-the-point as I can with this, and skip the gratuitous “Why this site is different from the rest” ramble. It probably isn’t, anyway.

What You’ll Find Here

Probably a bunch of NBA columns, as I’m a lifer. What’s sad is, interest is going arctic. Skip ‘em if you need to, but they’re going to be written.

Past that, I’ll probably talk about some of my favorite movies (Psycho is a masterpiece), places (Little 5 in Atlanta), guilty pleasures (horrible D-movies), and other bits that mean nothing to anyone. Possibly a few life-learnings tossed in as well. A few short rants and ramblings but those I’ll try to keep to a minimum.

What You Won’t

Political rants – while I certainly have my beliefs and opinions, I learn more and more that they’re best kept locked in a box. For one thing, no one truly knows what’s going on behind the closed doors. For another, people just get way too inflamed about things to care about what others have to say. I’ll just say: keep an open and independent mind; be well-informed, but not so much that you become jaded; and, to best find perspective, read foreign press.

A personal diary – similar to the political reasoning, I realize that no one will want to come here to catch up on the exploits of my pet rabbit, or how my in-laws pushed my buttons. We all had that friend that had an incessant need to run down every minute detail of their new almost-potential boy/girlfriend/crush goings-on each and every day. I swear to not be that person.

Finally, I swear to avoid the Lewis Black-esque posting that's all too popular these days. It's a little too easy to blindly criticize everything in the world, and it's only so fun to read negative-centric writing. Sure, I could have a field day jabbing Hillary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Kimberly Stewart, and all the other make-believe professionals out there, but there's little point or challenge in it. Besides, no one makes them look as bad as they do on their own.

Anyway, welcome to the site and here’s hoping you enjoy it!


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