Thursday, January 12, 2006

Everyone Loves Young, Bush

     The Houston Texans have 3 basic options on April 29: draft Bush; draft Young; trade down.  Unfortunately, what had been a foregone conclusion before the Rose Bowl is now an absolute mess for Gary Kubiak and Bob McNair.  Let’s peruse and consider…

Option 1: Draft Reggie Bush.  
This was the move a month ago and had the Rose Bowl not happened, they’d be starting the contract negotiations already.  Unfortunately it did, the Texas defense made him look human on all but a couple plays, and immediately the doubters began re-thinking how his speed would stand up in the NFL.  
The upside: his elusiveness might be the best since Barry Sanders left the game after 1998.  He is adept at receiving as well, making him a fantastic threat.
The downside: scatbacks can be less than durable in the NFL, if only because it’s not simple to get around the line.  The dominating backs in the league are power guys that can plow through the middle.  He may live up to the Gale Sayers comparisons, but he may also turn out to be a slightly better Warrick Dunn at the next level.  

Option 2: Draft Vince Young.  
The man made two Heisman trophy winners look like thieves and made more believers than Jesus handing out fish that night.  The Texans have to realize that they not only have to improve the team but soothe things over with the thousands of jilted fans horrified by what they saw last year.  Remember, this is only a fourth year franchise and Reliant Stadium was half-empty by October.  Young is a literal hometown hero: born in Houston, high school star (Madison), and brought home the state’s first football national championship in decades.  You want to excite this town and keep everyone on the hook?  Besides – Rashard Lewis is still an open wound around here.  Imagine the bitterness if Young becomes a superstar for the Titans, of all franchises.  
Upside: Young supplants Carr and becomes a true face of the franchise, fueling excitement with his unreal athleticism and popularity.  
Downside: Despite great results this season throwing the ball, most people justifiably wonder if his throwing will translate well in the NFL.  He could end up being more Kordell Stewart than Vick.  

Option 3: Trade down.  
Everyone watching this team knows that their weak links aren’t at the QB or RB positions.  While Davis has shown durability issues and Carr hasn’t developed much, neither are less than average.  The offensive line and linebackers are stinkers.  No less than 10 positions need serious upgrades.  So why not try to parlay the #1 pick into several draft picks?  
Upside: The team can nab Ferguson for the O-line a few slots down, and still get 4 possible starters in the second and third rounds, allowing the team to crawl back from purgatory.
Downside: Charley Casserly has had an abhorrent record in the second and third rounds in his tenure with the Texans.  The 2/3 round rouge’s gallery is as follows:  Ben Joppru, Jabar Gaffney, Chester Pitts, Vernand Morency, Antwan Peek, Seth Wand, Dave Ragone, Fred Weary, and Charles Hill.  Other picks in those rounds went to the acquistions of Babin and Buchanon, both disappoints so far.  Can Casserly be trusted at this point?

In the end, I’m just happy that I’m not on the hotseat.    


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