Wednesday, May 24, 2006

LOST Questions

With the season finale for the greatest show on network TV being aired today, I would be negligent if I didn’t devote a post to it today (and tomorrow and Friday and each day this summer).  Clearly, there will be more to talk about after it airs – revelations and new questions.  

Open ends that I believe will be tied off tonight:
Will Michael be reunited with Walt?  Will Michael find the death that seems to follow character resolution on this show?
Will Desmond return or have his experience on the island revealed?  It would stand to reason that we saw his (unmanned) boat at the end of the last episode.
What has happened to Walt since his abduction?
What was Libby’s full backstory?
What happens if the numbers are not pressed?  Can we be certain that Henry Gale did not punch them in?
How does the island ensnare passing by craft (Flight 815, Desmond’s boat, Rosseau’s boat)?
Do Jack and Claire share the same father?

Questions that I suspect will continue to linger:
What is Rosseau’s full backstory, before and after arriving on the island?
What are the large cables that extend into the water?
What is driving the dreams and hallucinations that guide (for good or bad) many of the survivors?
What is the “smoke” security system that seemed to telepathically read Eko?
What is the extent of the security system (trees, smoke, sharks, etc)?
What is the ultimate goal of the Hanso Foundation and what are the machinations of their work?  
How is the island healing individuals (John, Son)?

We’ll just have to see.  I’ll enjoy the unfolding events tonight over fish tacos and mango.


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