Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Discs for Donations

As you may know I hate fundraising.  All sides of it.  However, I find myself in that situation again, as Lori has signed us up to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.  Good cause, it’s hard for me to argue that as a cancer researcher.  She’s putting forth serious effort to make it happen, and I need to contribute.  I’d prefer to offer something in exchange, rather than a pass the hat method, so here’s what I’ve got:

Discs for Donations!

The deal: donate at our Team-In-Training site, send me an email at evan.and.lori@gmail.com with an appropriate subject line (ex: Discs for Donations) and I’ll send you a live show or a few.  Fairly simple.  None of these shows are violating copyright laws, and they’re all nice quality.  The selection:

Counting Crows August and Everything After Live Compilation
     Compilation of live performances from their debut album
     (same as playlist of AAEA CD)
Dave Matthews Band, 10-31-1996, McNichols Arena, Denver
     Old school Halloween show.
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, 2-7-1999, Weis Center, Lewisburg, PA
     My favorite D&T show, loaded with little song teases and hilarious conversation.
Grateful Dead, 7-27-1982, Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
     Soundboard source.  No word on the flaming torches.  
Gomez, 5-08-2003, The Odeon, Cleveland, OH
Brian Skalinder says it was a good crowd for a Thursday night show.  
(setlist at bottom of email*)     
Guster, 8-16-2003, Radio City Music Hall, NYC
     Dan Myers and Ben Kweller sneak in for some fun.  
Jack Johnson, 10-30-2005 (Vegoose, Las Vegas)
     His fans like to sing along.  
John Mayer, 4-10-2006, Hotel Café, West Hollywood, CA
     Private show to unveil Continuum album material.
Phish, 5-03-1991, Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA
     Soundboard source with a bunch of old favorites like Divided Sky and YEM.
Pearl Jam, 3-16-1992, Kaufman Astoria, NYC
     MTV Unplugged, plus the soundcheck.
If you would like another artist or show that you don’t see listed, I’ll see if I can’t make them happen (various artists have various friendliness in regards to fan taping).  

While it’s not going to be a set “price” in terms of donations per show, I’d put forth the following as a suggestion:

1 show - $20
2 shows - $35
3 shows - $45
5 shows - $60
10 shows - $100

Again, the point here is not the shows, it’s the donations to charity.  No money goes through me, it goes directly to the society via the website.  

DISC ONE  (74:59)
01. Miles
02. Shot Shot
03. Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
04. Silence
05. Rhythm And Blues Alibi
06. Bed Hair
07. Breeze
08. Sound Of Sounds
09. In Our Gun
10. Bring It On
11. Mississippi Boweavil Blues
12. Get Myself Arrested
13. Tijuana Lady
14. Detroit Swing 66
15. [ encore applause ]
16. [ fade out ]
DISC TWO  (22:37)
01. [ fade in ]
02. Army Dub
03. Whipping Piccadilly
04. Revolutionary Kind


Blogger Erin said...

You know you can count on me for a donation (it'll be next month tho) & I don't need any discs. :)

4:06 PM, October 17, 2006


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