Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Big Pimpin’

I’ve decided to take a moment and push the things that make me happy.  Since I can’t think of why anyone wouldn’t blindly love what I do, here’s the list:
LOST – Far and away the most impressive ensemble show I’ve ever seen.  Been hooked from day 1 and haven’t lost one bit of enthusiasm.  I can’t emphasize enough how strong and deep this cast is – and I doubt it’s a coincidence that the few weak acting links have been the ones killed off.  I can appreciate that jumping into a show like this midstream may be difficult, but that makes this an ideal candidate for Netflix.
The Shield – Speaking of, this is the latest show to completely take over my Netflix que.  I almost wish I didn’t watch the first disc with the wife, cause I’d be pouring through this show in a week’s time if I didn’t have to wait for her to join in the watching.  I’d always been wary of FX original programming, but geez.  Televised heroin.
Flecktones – Two of my favorite musicians, Victor Wooten and Bela Fleck, make up half of this quartet that’s dropping a new album Hidden Land, releasing Feb 14th.  Best way to sample this group for the first time is to check out their Live at the Quick DVD.  And the best way to do that is through…(all together now!)…
Arrested Development – In a final f-you to the show and its fans, FOX will air the remaining four shows of the series Feb 10.  Doesn’t sound bad until you realize they put it up against the Olympics Opening Ceremony.  I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t just bury it under the Super Bowl.  The good news is both ABC and Showtime have put in bids to take over the show.  While I’m a little hopeful for a Family Guy-esque revival, chances are this will put off the inevitable for another 13 episodes.  Indulge in the DVDs if you haven’t already, and tune into the finale block.  Honestly, is it that much more attractive to watch the US team get booed as they enter the stadium with a faux-Cirque de Soleil backdrop?  
Apple – Maybe I should simply rename that to read: anything that gets you away from microsoft and windows.  Especially on the heels of Sony’s despicable move to include spyware and malware as “copy protection” on its music CDs, I find myself more and more happy that the wife is a mac girl.  Apple platforms thus far have been immune to disc copy protections and the problems plaguing dual discs.  On top of that, iTunes now features TV shows and music videos, again proving itself to be the innovator Rio and Sony wish they could be.  
Foozer Videos – For the longest time, I’ve said that nothing would be better than a release of Foo Fighters and Weezer video collections on DVD.  You have live bands, you have studio bands, so I guess I’d call these two video bands.  From the Buddy Holly Happy Days video to the Big Me “Footos” spoof, no one does it better.  Well, Weezer did release a DVD in 2004 that somehow slipped under my radar: “Video Capture Device” that gets you caught up all the way through the Muppets Gone Fishin’ video.  Foo has now followed suit to a degree, by releasing their video collection onto iTunes (entire pack: $12).  I highly recommend.
Mike & Mike – I’ve mentioned them before, but will happily plug away again.  Fantastic sports talk without getting arrogant, stuffy, dramatic, sensationalized, or the rest.  It’s like hanging out with guys that know what they’re talking about but not being snide about it.  Laidback, funny, and not forced.  The opposite of what a show featuring Colin Herdsworth and Screamin A Smith would be, I suppose.  I highly recommend using tivo/dvr to your advantage to skim through the newsroom updates, commercials, and the Dana Jacobsen pleas to save her abominable Cold Pizza.    
VH1 Classic – For pure “there’s nothing else on” spills and chills, hit up this channel if you have it.  It’s astounding to watch the ‘Metal Mania’ blocks and see endless bands channel Spinal Tap seriously.  You never know when you might fall across a video gem like Metal Savatage’s Hall of the Mountain King (an unintentionally horrifying cross between Tap’s Stonehenge and Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore).  Then there’s David Lee Roth prancing in leotards and effectively making the Safety Dance video look butch.  Highly amusing.    
MS150 – Sorry, but I have to keep this up until I raise enough.  Two options now: through the official site or send it via paypal to the account  If you have any hesitations about that, keep in mind that paypal is very good at nailing wire fraud over the internet.  You can also shoot an email to the address to talk about it.  


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