Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Blah-Blog Rant Review

Been asked more than a few times about why I don’t allow posts on this blog.  Well, as badly as I want feedback, I also would like to keep this page simply for the “columns” that I write up.  The cold hard truth is, we all have friends that wouldn’t rest the urge to toss in a couple of jokes, and those jokes don’t go over well with everyone that may visit this blog.  I’d just rather not have a family member reading something that should be kept inside of a bar.  

Anyway, as a solution, I’ve set up The Blah Blog Rant Review as a comment-happy place.  I’ll try and open a post for each new write-up here.  At least for the ones that deserve it.  By the way, I will hold moderator privileges, so don’t get saucy!


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